Custom Software for big challenges

We build Customized Management Software for the specific needs of your company

Made to measure is always better than standard...

We build Customized Management Software for the specific needs of your company

Customized program from the DNA of your company

Guaranteed experience

We measure in weeks

Your customized program in the cloud

Custom Software from the DNA of your company
Tell us how you work
When you hire R2 Metro, our team of consultants travel to your company to listen and meet your needs in person. We study the processes to be managed in detail together with the staff of your company, until fully knowing the project and its objectives.

We assemble your solution
When the project is defined, our engineers create a prototype of the application in a few weeks. All the components and exclusive tools of the R2 Metro platform, which allow us to present a model of the final application so you can test it. On the prototype we make the final adjustments.

A premium result
With the accepted prototype, we built your R2 Metro solution and put it into production in your company.
We accompany you in the implementation, we give training to the users and we give them support in the first days of using the tool.
The result is a unique and completely customized last generation application, designed from your own business knowledge.

Continuous improvement
An R2 Metro project does not end in the implementation. Support and evolutionary maintenance for improvements and modifications are insured. The solution will grow with your company and adapt to future changes and improvements with ease.

Guaranteed experience
Management computer experts
The R2 Metro team is made up of professionals with more than 10 years of experience in management software development. Our goal is to transmit that knowledge to your R2 Metro solution.

We know the informatics of your sector
We have implemented R2 Metro in the most diverse business sectors, from banking to logistics, telephone pricing, distribution, industrial production, translations, law firms, administrative agencies, shipyards, marketing agencies, department stores, hotels, quality certifiers, etc.
Our consultants have extensive knowledge of your sector and will be familiar with the computer management of it. We put this experience at your disposal.

Certified methodology
Our activity of the development of computer applications is certified in the quality standard UNE-EN ISO 9001: 2000. We use the most modern and effective development methodologies to offer you a Premium result.

We measure in weeks
An agile project
The latest technology of R2 Metro, is based on rapid development tools, which allow us to present results a few weeks after starting the project.
Our team can implement tailor-made R2 Metro solutions, in an average period of seven weeks, including consulting, development, testing and production.

We do not start from scratch
Rapid development, object orientation, reuse of components. It is technical language, but they are the pieces on which the R2 Metro platform is based and which allow us to develop to measure within a reasonable time.
When we build your solution we do not start from scratch. We assemble the structure of your application based on finished and tested R2 Metro components. We assemble them as in a set of pieces, to show you a prototype as soon as possible and finish the development in record time.

Never obsolete
All R2 Metro solutions share a common core, which allows us to update your customized solution in the future, to adapt it to new needs or new operating systems. Your tool will never be obsolete.

Your customized program in the cloud
Use it as you want
When the R2 Metro solution is finished we can put it at your disposal in the cloud as a service.
If you have your own infrastructure in your organization to host the tool, it is also possible to license R2 Metro to use it from your own servers.

In the cloud
You can use the full power of R2 Metro for a single monthly fee, based on the number of users and the storage space required.
The tool grows with your business. If in the future you need more or fewer users or storage, you can always adjust to the right size and pay only for what you use.
The monthly R2 Metro fee will include everything necessary for the use of the application, future updates of the product, backup copies and telephone support during office hours.

In the Company
If you wish, you can license R2 Metro and we will carry out an installation of the tool in your company, provided that you have the necessary infrastructure. R2 Metro is hosted on servers with Microsoft® technology.
You can contact us to find out the technical details.

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