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What happens when I contract the service?

What happens when I contract the service?
When you hire the service, a consultant conducts an initial meeting with you. This initial meeting can be a couple of hours approximately although it could be longer in the case of large projects.

As a result of that initial meeting, we offer you a preliminary offer. This offer includes a series of costs and approximate terms, pending closure in a subsequent consultancy. With the preliminary offer you must decide if you want to start the project.

If you accept the preliminary offer, we will carry out the consultancy. The result of the consultancy are two documents: The closed offer and the technical document of specifications or project document. The closed offer includes final costs and closed terms. The technical document is a specification of requirements that the solution must meet, explained in detail. At this point you must accept the closed offer to begin the development.

During the development phase our engineers prepare your R2 Metro solution according to what is established in the project document and in constant contact with you. At the end of the development, the application is ready to be put into production.

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What is the consultancy?

A typical consultancy session is two hours and in a medium project it may take between four and eight sessions.

The consultancy will be directed by a R2 Metro Project Manager who will act as a consultant. Our consultants have an average of ten years of experience in the design, development, implementation and support of customized software, so many of the things you need will be familiar to them because they have been addressed in previous projects.

They most likely have experience in your sector, although it is not strictly necessary.
On the part of your organization you must designate a single interlocutor who is responsible for making the final decisions for the questions that arise during the consulting sessions. All the people involved can attend, but the interlocutor will be the one who makes the decisions that will be recorded in the project document.

You must gather as much information as possible about your project in the lead up to the consulting, since the success of the project depends to a large extent on this.

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How long is the development?

Logically, it depends on the scope of the project, but here are some time scales that can serve as a guide:

Small project: Between two and three months of development
Medium project: Between four and nine months of development
Large project: Between ten and fourteen months of development

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How will I be aware of the evolution of the project?

In R2 Metro we use what is known as agile development methodologies or spiral development cycles. Translated: No later than three weeks after the start of the project we will present a functional prototype that will of course be unfinished, but that will allow you to have contact with the screens and the appearance of the new application.

These meetings with new versions of the prototype will be repeated periodically (we usually use cycles of between two and three weeks) and will allow you to communicate important details and keep abreast of the evolution of the prototype, which will improve little by little until you have the final result.

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What happens when the system is put into production?

Once the system is ready, it is put into production on our servers or those of your company. Users download the R2 Metro desktop application and connect to your server to use the service. An Internet connection is necessary for it to work.

The normal thing is to carry out some training sessions, although users will be familiar with the program because of the use of the prototype and the familiar terminology of the windows (which have been designed to suit them).

Custom developments should be modified and improved periodically to adapt to changes in the organization, be functionally polished and not become obsolete. For this, an evolutionary maintenance must be carried out that contemplates the new needs when they appear.

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How much does a R2 Metro project cost

Customized developments are the most expensive product of management computing. Before tackling a tailor-made project, you should weigh other more conservative options such as contracting closed or sectorial packages. You can have more information about other IT management solutions for your problem here.

If you finally decide to solve your problem with a customized development you will have to pay for the following items:

– Consulting
– Development
– Monthly or annual usage fee (license)
– Evolutionary maintenance

Here are some approximate costs:

Small project: 15.000€ – 20.000€ project + 5.000€/year
Medium project: 20.000€ – 50.000€ project + 12.000€/year
Large project: 50.000€ – 150.000€ project + 25.000€/year

These average costs are obtained from actual tailor-made projects on the R2 Metro platform in the last 5 years.

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Can I back out when I receive the closed offer?

Yes, if once you receive the closed offer you do not want to continue with the project, you will only have to pay the costs of the consultancy (approximately between € 500 and € 2,400 depending on the scope of the project), in exchange for which you will have obtained a technical specification complete of the project and the offer itself.

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What is exactly covered in the usage fee?

The monthly or annual usage fee that must be paid to use the program once completed covers the following concepts:

– Right to use the platform (License)
– Data hosting
– Backup and backup service
– Support service
– Platform update service.

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What is the cost of evolutionary maintenance?

The evolutionary maintenance is carried out by means of what are called “Offers of Extension of Functionalities” (or OAF). These offers are microprojects for the expansion of the R2 Metro development with a cost measured in work-team hours.

The cost of one hour of work-equipment is € 60 + VAT.

Modifications can go from small projects of 2-6 hours to large extensions over 100 hours of work. An approximate calculation is that custom software needs between 15% and 30% of the initial cost of the project per year in evolutionary maintenance to adapt to new requirements and organizational changes.
The most stable projects can survive with 5% of this type of maintenance.

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What exactly is covered in the support service?

The support service covers any errors present in the development as they arise or are discovered once the service is in production.
It is important to note that an error is considered something that, (1) Worked in a certain way and stops working in that way, or (2) It has not been tested to date and fails to be tested for the first time.

Users often understand that an error is something that “does not work as they expect it to do” and this leads to confusion. How a customized program works should be defined in consulting and development, never once it is put into production. Hence the importance of testing the results throughout the project on the prototype.

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The resulting product

What operating system does R2 Metro use?

The R2 Metro desktop application works on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

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Can I request a web interface or a mobile app?

To develop your customized R2 Metro application, we use predesigned components that allow us to reduce costs and deadlines. These components can be used for the development of the system on the desktop application for Microsoft Windows.

As part of your customized development, you can request the creation of a web interface or a mobile app as part of the project, but this type of development will make it more expensive when you cannot use predesigned components to the same extent as for the development on Windows systems.

Even so, all our projects must include the desktop application for Windows, with other developments such as the web interface or the optional mobile app.

An interesting possibility is to leave the development open with what is known as API (Application Programming Interface) so that the development of these projects can be carried out independently, even by other providers.

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Can I use R2 Metro from a Mac?

Unless your development includes a web interface that would be accessible from a browser installed on a Mac OS system, it will not be possible to access R2 Metro from this operating system. Even so, it will be necessary for the system administrator to have a Microsoft Windows system for administrative and management tasks.

Custom projects R2 Metro do not currently include specific developments for Mac.

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Where are the data?

Our data centres are located in Spain and the European Union. The service is provided by a company with headquarters in Spain and therefore they adhere to all Spanish and European laws for the provision of the service.

The R2 Metro platform complies 100% with the technical requirements established by various international and national quality standards (such as the LOPD or the new GDPR).

The service has various quality certifications.

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Will I need an Internet connection to work?

Yes always.

R2 Metro is a service designed with the technical premise of user connectivity to the server through the Internet network.

Even in cases where the server is hosted on the client’s premises, the server itself must have access to the Internet with which to validate its license effectively and periodically.

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Other questions

How can I get support?

The development contract itself specifies the particular support conditions, including the telephone if this is included. There are different plans with different response times depending on the needs of the client.

All R2 Metro customized developments have at least the support service based on tickets that you can access in this link.

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What happens with my data if I cancel the service?

When you cancel the service you lose the right to use the R2 Metro platform to access your data, but you retain ownership of them.
As a consequence of this, the R2 Metro application will stop working on the last day of the contract and you will receive by the appropriate means a copy of the database and the files stored in the system.

The database delivered will be in SQL Server format and technical knowledge is required to read the information contained in it. The database delivered will keep the information of the client 100% but it will be “demilitarized” understanding by this term the elimination of all the tables, fields and stored procedures of own use of the platform.

The files will be delivered in their original format but stored in volumes, with a name only recognizable by combining it with an index of the database. Technical knowledge is also required to interpret this information.
The recommended procedure is to export the information contained in the system while the contract is still in force as the platform has functionalities for it.

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Can I mount R2 Metro on my servers?

Yes. In the consultancy phase this requirement must be requested. In this case the closed offer will include the costs adapted to this circumstance.

The modality of mounting R2 Metro on its own servers does not exempt from the payment of the system usage fee (license), although it modifies it in the scope (it does not include backup or hosting and the maintenance service can be provided remotely or face-to-face).

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Whose property is the resulting software?

The property of the resulting software is R2 Sistemas Informáticos (the company that provides R2 Metro service), which once the project is completed, provides the customer service.

The client does not have the right to request the development source code since it works in an integrated manner with internal components that are owned by R2 Sistemas.

However, the client holds the intellectual property of the tailor-made part of the development that works on the R2 Metro platform, for which R2 Sistemas Informáticos cannot sell the same development to another client without the authorization of the client who paid for it.

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How can I change my usage rate upwards or downwards?

The usage quota usually varies depending on the number of users that use the R2 Metro application and other parameters such as the size of the accommodation, the bandwidth or even some more specific to the project itself.

As a general rule, the client may have additional R2 Metro users or additional space at any time requesting the additional contracting corresponding to R2 Sistemas. In this case, the monthly fee will be increased according to the rates mentioned in the closed offer from the month immediately following the request.

When the client wishes to reduce the number of users or space contracted, he must notify R2 Sistemas in writing. This reduction will be effective after the notification, on the following dates: January 1, April 1, July 1 and October 1.

In the case of annual contracts, the change to the downside occurs only in the annual renewal of the service.

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